Wheeling, WV

Exploring Wheeling, WV: A Blend of History, Culture, and Charm


Nestled along the Ohio River, Wheeling, WV, boasts a rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and a vibrant cultural scene. From its early days as a frontier settlement to its pivotal role in the industrial revolution, Wheeling has evolved into a modern city while preserving its heritage. Let’s delve into the essence of Wheeling, exploring its neighborhoods, notable attractions, and statistical insights.

History of Wheeling

  • Founded in 1769 by Colonel Ebenezer Zane, Wheeling served as a strategic outpost during the westward expansion.
  • Known as the “Gateway to the West,” Wheeling became a hub for trade and transportation, particularly with the construction of the National Road and the B&O Railroad.
  • The city played a significant role in the Civil War, hosting the Wheeling Conventions and serving as the birthplace of West Virginia.
  • Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Wheeling prospered as an industrial center, particularly in steel production and manufacturing.

Neighborhoods of Wheeling

NeighborhoodNotable Features
Historic Centre MarketOldest continuously operating market in West Virginia
WoodsdaleCharming residential area with tree-lined streets
Elm GroveHistoric district with well-preserved Victorian architecture
WarwoodClose-knit community with scenic views of the Ohio River
East WheelingRevitalized neighborhood known for its arts and cultural scene
South WheelingDiverse community with a mix of residential and commercial areas

Notable Attractions

  1. Wheeling Island Casino: A popular gaming destination offering slots, table games, and live entertainment.
  2. Oglebay Park: Spanning over 1,700 acres, this expansive park features golf courses, walking trails, and the Oglebay Good Zoo.
  3. Wheeling Suspension Bridge: A National Historic Landmark, this iconic bridge offers stunning views of the Ohio River and downtown Wheeling.
  4. Wheeling Artisan Center: Showcasing the work of local artisans, this center is a hub for creativity and craftsmanship.

Statistical Insights

  • Population: Approximately 27,000 residents
  • Median Household Income: $36,000
  • Median Home Value: $90,000
  • Unemployment Rate: 6.2%
  • Crime Rate: Below national average, making it a relatively safe community


Wheeling, WV, is a city brimming with history, culture, and charm. From its picturesque neighborhoods to its array of attractions, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy. Whether strolling along the riverfront or immersing oneself in its rich heritage, Wheeling invites visitors to experience the beauty and hospitality of this historic gem along the Ohio River.