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Your website can be the most reliable tool you have to generate interest and income. Your site should be inviting, informational, and easy to navigate.

Grow with Meerkat has all the skills to create an online space for your business that converts casual visitors into repeat customers.

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Our web design experts work with you to create a visually compelling site that stands out on the web.

Startups can share their vision with us, and we’ll run a design search to make sure your logo and branding are unique.

We’ll move on to putting together web design concepts for you to approve once we complete the design search.

You’ll get a chance to give us your input, so the final design represents your company with all the personality you envisioned.

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Experienced Designers

No matter where your business or organization is located, we can keep it close to home.

We’ll use images and other features to show you’re a local business and build instant familiarity and trust with your internet visitors.

Grow with Meerkat is a locally owned business, and we know how important it is to foster a connection in your community!

Production-Ready Code

The coding on your website determines its functionality.

Your website design and features all depend on high-quality code.

Our web coding experts write, check, and test every line of code to ensure it works properly before our clients’ websites go live.

Unique Solutions

We build every site securely from the ground up.

While we rely on proven platforms and frameworks to provide a strong foundation for our projects, we also use our own custom coding and development instead of templates, unless you request a specific preset layout.

This practice ensures that your website is truly one of a kind.

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